Get Better Sleep and Gain More Healthy Body and Mind With This Tips

Are you one of those people who wakes up at night no matter how hard you try not to and you don’t know why? Sometimes you can go back to sleep, other times you can toss and turn for a few hours before retiring if nothing else makes a difference. There are many reasons why some of us struggle to sleep well, but one of the most common and easy to manage is cold feet. Who knows, maybe you’ll dream up the answer if you sleep on it

It sounds weird, but let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than when the ice on your fingers and toes spreads all over your body and it can sometimes be hard to warm up again. The reason for this is that when we lie down we distribute the heat directly from the center of our body to the upper part of our body such as hands and toes, when this happens we sleep. Even just lying down can trigger this process, but if our hands and feet are colder than the rest of our body, the heat cannot be distributed properly and we cannot sleep.

The solution wear socks to bed. If you’re worried about overheating, you can wear socks with no visible cotton, although any socks will do. If you want, add another blanket for comfort, but try not to get too warm as this can also disrupt your sleep. For really beautiful feet, apply lotion before putting on socks and your feet will be soft and smooth in the morning. Getting plenty of exercise during the day is also on the list of ways to sleep well. However, in exercise, like food, timing is everything. Exercising during the day makes you sleep better at night. Exercising right before bed energizes you and keeps you awake.

Keeping your sleeping area comfortable for sleeping is another key to helping you sleep well. The TV that is on all night disturbs your sleep and keeps you busy. A room that is too hot or too cold is another problem. In particular, letting the daycare through the bedroom door can be disruptive to sleep. You won’t be able to solve your problems if you don’t sleep well.

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