Symptoms andropause is characterized by irritable male syndrome (IMS) or male syndrome quickly angered

This condition occurs naturally in the male body. As his age increases, testosterone levels in men also decrease. Symptoms andropause is characterized by irritable male syndrome (IMS) or male syndrome quickly angered. The condition of andropause can be known through a laboratory examination of the doctor also checks for signs of other medical conditions that cause mood swings. When it is known that men have andropause and men want to keep sex excited, doctors usually do testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy is able to restore the vitality of men and reduce other symptoms due to low testosterone levels. In addition to doing testosterone replacement therapy, there are several ways to improve the mood of men. For example by doing meditation and yoga to reduce stress with ayahuasca healing resource.

Reduce stress with regular exercise, which helps promote endorphins that can reduce feelings of anger and depression. When mood swings impact on everyday life, try to learn to cope with stress in your own way this syndrome will affect your sex life. Do not forget to make a change of style [or counseling to help you reduce symptoms of andropause. The hormone testosterone can decrease due to several factors. Starting from stress, changing the diet, and anything that can affect male testosterone. This is what causes PMS Men. When experiencing sexually transmitted diseases, men also have feelings as when women experience PMS both psychologically and emotionally. Men so often angry and moody. Men who STI also feel very anxious, depressed, and inferior.

There are many factors that cause testosterone levels to decline, among which are stress and unhealthy diet. Uniquely, these STIs and STDs have similarities, namely a decrease in mood and cause melancholy in men. Psychic and emotional affairs associated with STDs, experienced by men also when experiencing an STI. In addition, when experiencing STIs men will become super anxious, easy depression and pessimistic. Talk to your lover and get him to do a wonderful positive activity. Just like when you are experiencing PMS, comfort through attention will be much more helpful to calm feelings. When an STI man, try to talk to him and consult a doctor if the situation gets worse. Your doctor may prescribe medications or help manage dietary changes, suggestions relieve stress, hormones, medications necessary.

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